So I’m Engaged – Now What??

Do I need a wedding planner? Do I need a day of coordinator? Let’s break it down for all my newly engaged couples!

Let’s be real, you want perfect, smooth sailing on your wedding day. You should be super blissful from the time you wake up to the time your head hits the pillow. But guaranteed, you will have a lot going through your mind – "What if my photographer gets stuck in traffic?" "What if I can’t get my dress to bustle correctly?" "What if everything isn’t set up the way I envisioned?" "What if Aunt Mary gets too drunk and steps on my veil?"

If you’ve hired a killer vendor team, you may be thinking "They’re seasoned pros, they got me!"

Well, the caterer, venue, entertainment and photographer are like important crew members on a ship, but you need a captain to navigate and sail the ship in the right direction. Let me break it down for you: they are so busy executing the crucial job you hired them to do, but they won’t have time to exclusively focus on YOU and make sure the ship is sailing in the right direction.

A day of wedding coordinator is like a fairy godmother who takes the responsibility of hosting your wedding off your shoulders. They manage timelines, visions, your guests’ experience and both you and your fiancé’s overall happiness. They become your venue and vendor liaison and hold all your knowledge and secrets. We are creative problem solvers who step in when things go wrong and often fix problems before they happen.

Day of wedding coordinators can be overlooked because hiring one is an investment in something that you can’t hold, touch or see. Sometimes couples forgo a coordinator because they would rather spend the extra money on floral arrangements or upgrade their entertainment package, something they can tangibly see and enjoy. The results? Couples quickly discover their vendors cannot give them undivided attention the way we can. We are truly here to be your bride whisperer and make this the most memorable day of your lives.

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