5 Star Review


Where does one begin to expound the incredible virtue, value and service Christina Hope delivers…First and foremost, Christina is extraordinarily special as your trusted partner, her actions are always in your best interest and she deeply cares about every aspect of your wedding. Her attention to detail, follow up and execution are world class, she has a solution, price point and creative options to accommodate wedding visions and budgets. Christina is committed, she becomes part of your family and is always there for you, this is something rare in industry. She makes this happen because she was born to do this, is highly accomplished based on her many years of experience, an incredible network of wedding partners and her wedding planning subject matter expertise. I was blessed in 2021 to host two incredible weddings (105 days apart) and if it wasn’t for Christina, it never would have materialized in such a magnificent and memorable fashion. Thanks for all you do and continue to do for your clients! – Steven G

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