Bridesmaid Dresses: The Struggle is Real

Let’s be honest, shopping for bridesmaids dresses is often far from a fun bubbly-fueled day out, especially if you have a lot of ladies with different tastes, in different shapes and sizes, and maybe even a pregnancy bump or two to consider. It can feel impossible to keep everyone happy!

Long gone are the days of forcing all of your bridesmaids into the same style dress. What a relief! The key consideration is that everyone feels comfortable in whatever they wear and your friends will really appreciate you taking the time to choose gowns that will help them feel their best. Not sure where to start? Read on for our top tips for finding the best bridesmaids dresses for all shapes and sizes.

Choose a Color, Not a Style

One of the post popular bridesmaid dress trends for 2022 and beyond is to choose a color and ask your bridesmaids to select their own dresses. This creates a cohesive yet relaxed feel, and giving your girls the freedom to choose a style they feel comfortable in is sure to go down well. If you go for this option, bear in mind that whatever color you choose can be interpreted differently (there are many shades of pale blue, for example) but that is all part of the charm of this stylish monochrome look. Selecting black or white will limit the variety of tones.

Mixed Metallics

Don’t be afraid to introduce a pattern or sequin for a really fashion forward take on bridesmaid dresses!Let your girls shine in their own style and color or keep monochromatic – who doesn’t love to sparkle?!


Although traditional, you can’t go wrong with matching, monochromatic dresses as a classic never goes out of style.

A Shade Away

If you prefer the dress color to match perfectly for more formality but want to offer some freedom over dress style, many brands like Cicinia, Lady Black Tie and Bird Grey offer a huge choice of different styles in a kaleidoscope of colors.

So, how do you accomplish a stylishly mismatched lineup and NOT a hodgepodge disaster? The line is THIN, ladies. But here are a few tips to remember when you’re laying out the options for the dresses. You’re well on the way to that Vogue-worthy bridesmaids shot!

1. Give Specific Details

Do you care about the length of the dress? Sometimes keeping a similar length keeps everything cohesive while the dresses can vary on other factors. What about fabric—should they avoid tulle or velvet? Are patterns okay? Give your bridesmaids some ideas of what you do and don’t prefer.

2. Share the Overall Vibe

What is your wedding style? Is it a boho-chic wedding? Black-tie formal? Make sure they know the overall vibe to help inform the final dress decision.

3. Send Examples

Visuals are ALWAYS helpful…which is where we come in! Find your faves and share them with your girls!

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